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Eyewear That’s U.

The lens through which U see your life defines your perspective.
So what’s your Point of U? 

Point of U. Your Optic Store in Boston (Newbury street).

From small, New England outfitters, to designers in Japan, Italy, Paris, and Germany, every piece of eyewear we source is hand-selected.  Diverse. Eclectic. Sophisticated. Affordable.

Point of U - Newbury Street
Point of U - Newbury Street

Discover Matsuda

In the 1960s, Mitsuhiro Matsuda experimented with the deconstruction of western design through his study of traditional Japanese fashion. Matsuda created pieces that evoke a profound connection with the past – playfully innovative with a touch of European romance. Inspired by Gothic architecture, Victorian art, and American jazz, Matsuda opened the door for an international, avant-garde wave of new design steeped in cultural heritage, designed for tomorrow.