Labor has made it to Point of U. Boston. We are glad to be the first in East coast to carry this unique Collection coming straight from South-Korea.

Labor is all about :

“We respect all the workers in the world who brings value through their creative labor.
Habitant, the forerunner of the labor, has been creating aesthetic works through architectural illumination in Seoul, Las Vegas, London, Milan, and Shanghai.
We established our cultural context thru many powerful collaborations with a variety of brands in fashion, electronics, sports, retails, hotels, and cultural organizations. This has empowered us to fulfill the necessity of functional values for modern individuals and the essence of Labor by providing affluent aesthetics.

The spirit of Labor is determined to pursue the highest level of perfection that a good product should have.
And we avoid the production of unnecessary goods and wasteful consumptions.

Labor focuses on the essence of glasses. Our products provide indispensable forms, moderate volumes and aesthetic values.
We make things more harmonious in the living environment by considering the user-products relationship.

Labor‘s meticulous glass designs have a comparative production process of Korea, Japan & China. Hand-crafted by craftsmanship from the most experienced artisans in Shenzhen through a strict inspection process.

We don’t compromise on materials for the perfect fit and long-term preservation.  We chose Italian Mazzucchelli and Jimei sheets. For the creative design from Laborartists’ cleaning cloth, CHINTZ is crafted with microfiber, the finest fabric to extend the life of frames and lenses.”

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