The brand’s timeless approach is internationally daring and has continued to be incorporated by the label’s Creative Director Eva Gaumé. Inspired by 50 years of iconic creations, her love of beautiful objects and contemporary femininity, Eva has been shaping the recent history of Emmanuelle Khanh.

“The creator passed on her lively, joyous generosity, her love of women, their bodies and their lives, their need to exist and their desire to belong. It is this free and instinctively feminist character that guides my creative process today.”
— Eva Gaumé

Like Emmanuelle Khanh in her era, Eva Gaumé, the House’s Artistic Director, draws her inspiration from today’s women. Trained in jewelry design at the prestigious Geneva Haute École d’Art de Design – known as HEAD – then at the Haute Horlogerie watchmaking institute, glasses were an obvious next step for her. They are the essential accessory, combining industry and artistry, at once a symbolic adornment and a functional object: a necessary device and a tool for self-expression.
Through demanding quality standards and with the help of an exceptional heritage, today she is writing the House’s story. She designs the Emmanuelle Khanh collections in Paris, shifting between tradition and modernity through the Heritage and Studio
lines. She is also developing an all-new collection of accessories that respect the founder’s beloved traditions and craftsmanship. Eva remains profoundly inspired by her encounter with the brand’s founder in 2016.