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Garrett Leight

Mr Leight

A collaboration between father and son, Larry and Garrett Leight, Mr. Leight bridges multiple generations of design and craftsmanship to deliver superlative contemporary eyewear. Together, they are committed to creating uncommonly thoughtful, beautiful, and original designs that combine the classic and the new and reflect the spectrum of their immense eyewear knowledge and expertise.


Francois Pinton

François Pinton

The François Pinton collections are a perfect balance of modernity and tradition.
A tradition preserved, with collections that reinterpret the lines that have made the brand’s history. Staying faithful to its origins while associating the quality of a know-how that adapts to influences.

Christian Roth

Christian Roth

The subversive legacy that Christian Roth has forged for almost 40 years has never been more relevant than it is today, as a new generation rejects the racial, gender, and class labels that once confined designers and their customers.

Dita Eyewear

Dita Eyewear

Craftsmanship is the cornerstone of DITA’s reputation for quality and innovation – that is why our relationship with some of the world’s most highly regarded artisans have lasted not years, but decades. In an era of mass production and automation, we are committed to preserving an artistic legacy.


In a world that emphasizes immediacy, we choose to anchor ourselves in traditions of craftsmanship and thoughtful execution. The distinctly Japanese approach of combining handcrafted techniques and innovative technology guides our philosophy of experimentation and is unmistakably Matsuda. Each finished creation is an art object unto itself — as pleasing to the hand as it is to the eye.


‘Highcollar’ designs for people who refuse to just follow trends, look for new things, and show their own colors. Highcollar is a brand that is not only limited to fashion, but also open to many cultural aspects such as music, art, dance, and parties. Creative in a liberated way, Highcollar is a brand that is smart, humorous, and suited for people who know what they want. Maybe it would be better to define Highcollar as an art lable.

Etnia Barcelona

Etnia Barcelona is color, quality, culture. We are Mediterranean, independent and rebel. We are tradition and innovation. And we are also the city that inspires us: Barcelona.

Thom Browne

Thom Browne

Thom Browne is widely recognized for redefining modern tailoring. Through his collections for men, women and children, Browne conveys a true American sensibility.